Monday, January 19, 2009

More About Me

About me: I'm just your regular 20-something-year-old wanting to do something new. The blog will contain thoughts and interests I have, covering a wide range of topics: musings, fashion, politics, opinions, beauty, social issues, style, family life, sales and deals, books, and fun.

I want to see if blogging can really pay off. Can a young female be successful in her blogs, ranging from giveaways to politics to beauty to human rights?

I want to see if blogging can really pay off, and I don't just mean monetarily. I love to write and I have many interests. I want to try blogging full-time to fulfill something that I've always wanted to try. I also want to see if it's possible to make money. I'll be open and honest with you about my findings. I know a lot of moms and other female bloggers are working very hard to find out the same thing right now. I hope we can find success in doing what we love!

I'm always looking to connect with women who are on the same path. I know that we need to work together more. Entrecard is one way I meet fabulous women bloggers. I'm always open to ideas, tips, products, and links.

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