Thursday, February 5, 2009

Having Serious Problems With Citicards!
Did anyone get a call at the butt-crack of dawn from Citi Cards today? I get these calls about once a month. They suspect that my card has been stolen and has fraudulent charges. They read the charges-- and they are always mine. What really irks me is that they always ask about a Verizon Wireless charge that happens every month on the same day for the same amount!! Grrr.

Anyway, this morning was outrageous! I mean, I appreciate the theft protection (somewhat)... but... well, let me tell you the story.

They call, and read three suspected charges. One from Verizon Wireless, and two for less than $10 at coffee shops. Really?! Oh wait, those are mine-- no evil thieves spending $10 on my card today.


"We will be closing your account for your protection." WAIT WHAT?! I protest rather endlessly. They are not fraud. I am willing to take the risk.

Then the kicker... "Well, actually, your account information has been compromised."

COME AGAIN? So my account information has been stolen from Citi Cards or Mastercard or somewhere (they can't actually tell me). Way to LIE about it and try to hide it.

I continue to refuse to close my account. I don't have another credit card or debit card. I use my Citi card for everything. No thank you.

"You account has already been closed."


Great. So my account was closed even before they asked permission. Good grief, this company is terrible. I'm probably going to switch companies. It's their rewards program that sucks people in. I want to continue to earn rewards. But other cards have rewards programs too, I'm sure.

Boo to Citi Card.


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  2. Citibank is awful. I hate dealing with it. Well done.

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